Is Web Development Dying? Future of Web Development Industry

Is Web Development dying?

It is a very concerning question for someone who is starting a career as a Web Developer.

My answer to this question; “Is Web Development a dying Profession?” No. But there is a Yes also, and I will explain this in the video later.

Assalam o Alaikum & hi guys. Welcome to my channel. My name is Adnan Ahmed, a freelance web developer with over a decade of experience in making websites.

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Now coming to the topic, why do people think over and over again that Web Development is a dying profession and there is no future for Web Developers. The biggest reason is the number of out of the box and one-click solutions to build a website. This list includes WIX, Squarespace, Shopify and WordPress etc.

Yes, I agree. You can use pre-built themes and templates to create a website in no time. Many bloggers and marketers are doing this. And indeed, this is a good starting point for making your presence on the internet. I did make videos for beginners to start creating a website without any cost. You can check the link in the description if you are interested.

But the question is, Will this mark the end of Web Development? Absolutely No.

See, anyone can create a website using these out of box solutions, but they will all look the same with the themes and templates available with these solutions. However, when it comes to business, they need their branding done, and without any doubt, here the role of Web Designers and Web Developers come in.

Secondly, when you want to rank your website in the organic search, it is not possible straight away. So you need a Web Developer to optimise your website well for different factors.

And the most critical factor is the Page Speed which needs optimisation of resources on the websites as each out of box solution inserts too many resources like CSS, JavaScripts which cause websites to load slow. And only a person who has the skills can solve this problem, which is the job of a Web Developer.

Last but not least, when a business grows, it has its requirements and problems which requires solutions, and general built applications cannot fulfil these requirements.

E.g. a hospital store private data of patients and allow secure access to doctors anywhere in the world.
A government department provides some facilitation to the public on the internet.
An airline’s online booking system.

There could be many examples, So there is much more to do for Web Developers. I can easily say Web Development Industry is in demand.

As I said earlier, there is one reason, there is no future for you in the Web Development Industry. If you learnt HTML, CSS & JavaScript and think it is enough to survive as a Web Developer today. Then sorry, you are already done.

Although it is the base step to start in Web Development and my previous video, I strongly recommend learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript if you want to start as a Frontend Web Developer. But it is not all the Web Developer should know.

All those out of box solutions can give you a better website than the static website you can build with HTML, CSS & JavaScript only.

See, technology is changing. Now things are more and more moving to mobile devices. So it would help if you evolved also. You need to learn new tools and technology to meet the demands of the industry.

If you want to see your future in the Web Development industry, learn the skills e.g
web apps,
Mobile apps,
API programming,
Custom programming

In the end, I will again say, Web Development isn’t dying. On the contrary, it is changing and evolving. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the USA, only the employment of Web Developers and Digital Designers is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029.

Now my opinion is it will grow in other countries. In the Covid period, more and more businesses moved to the internet to do business, which will increase the demand for Web Developers.

So guys, what is your opinion about the future of Web Development? Please write to me in the comment section. Ask me any questions. If you enjoy the video, hit the like button and share it with others.

Until the next video, I am signing off. Assalam-o-Alaikum

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