How to make money as a Freelance Web Developer?

In this video, I will tell you “How to make money as a Freelance Web Developer.”

We will see five real-world ways to make more income while working as a Web Developer. You will have cash flowing for you even when no new Web Development clients are coming.

Also, there are two bonus ways which, with little effort, can be a good revenue stream for you.

Assalam-o-Alaikum & hi guys. Welcome to my channel. My name is Adnan Ahmed. A seasoned web developer.

So we will see seven ways of making more money while working as a Freelance Web Developer.

There is a disclaimer for this video. These methods are not fast or easy earning methods but actionable methods.

Over time any of these or all can prove the right way of earning money for you.

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1. Domain & Website Hosting

The first thing is to offer Domains and Website Hostings to your clients. It is evident in the Web Development business as everyone needs at least one domain and web hosting to make its online presence.

There are two types of clients:
a) Technical
b) Non-technical

Technical clients can manage their domain and hosting themselves. That’s, they can upload/download files, create email accounts, and take backups.

You can offer them the hosting with a small fee to their overall package, and the rest of the things are managed by them.

The second type of client is not very technical, so you offer them the managed hosting package.

So, you can add your fee of managing their domain and hosting.
You are responsible for registering new domains and renewing domains, and managing their web hosting related stuff.

So, this is a very steady way of generating income for your business. All you need is a hosting and domain providing company that gives you a reseller account.

The hosting company should have reliable and 24/7/365 support, so you can reach them any time of the day to resolve the issues quickly.

2. Client Training

On my list, the second method is to provide training to clients when you build some CMS or webshop.

Some clients are not very good with these systems, and you can offer training for some fee.

This training may include:
a) help documents
b) one to one calls
c) screen shares on skype
d) or videos.

These could be time taking for you, but in return, you can get some good money.

3. Content Management

When you built a website for clients, you can offer them the content management service also.

Content Management includes creating pages on the website, and clients need to provide the content and relevant graphics as required.

Some clients want to save their time and focus on their business activities, and you handle their websites post-development.

So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

4. Website maintenance & security

The fourth method on this list is the website maintenance & security services of your web development clients.

Website maintenance includes minor bug fixes and software updates to help keep the website secure against malware and viruses.

You can offer some monthly packages to your old clients and chances are if your clients were happy in first place with your work they willing to go long term.

So, it’s a great way of keeping your client and your cash flowing.

But for offering this service, you need to define how much you will provide the service.

You are not going to do any significant software update like updating WordPress 4.x to 5.x as it may break the website, and you need to do a lot more work.

Likewise, no new feature or design changes you will do unless you agreed to do it at a higher price.

So, it is the right way to retain your clients and keep your monthly cash running.

5. 24/7 Support

One great way of keeping long term clients is to give 24/7 support.

This means not only do you have a mechanism of fixing any issues or bugs in the office time, but you also give support to your clients out of office hours.

For out of office hours support, you have an opportunity to charge higher.

But there are some cons of 24/7. If you are the sole worker in your company, then there is a tremendous toll on you to manage this.

Everyone has a personal life and family. To provide 24/7 support, you need to make a balance between your work and personal life.

6. Social Media Management

The first bonus method on my list is to provide Social Media Management.

This method may or may not work for all, but with some little effort, you can have a good skill in social media management. You can make an offer to your client that you can manage their social media marketing.

See, businesses ask to make their website to promote their business online. And social media is a great place.

Most clients are too busy to do social media marketing and sometimes not very tech-savvy to know what, when, and which content to post.

You can help them, and there are many tools available on the internet where you can schedule social media posts.

And as I said before, you can earn some good income by offering monthly, quarterly, or yearly packages to do social media marketing for your clients.

7. Email Configuration Management

The second bonus method and optional also required a bit of technical knowledge regarding how the DNS works for domains.

Businesses use email marketing to promote their business and products, and it only beneficial when emails land into the inbox most of the time.

This starts with technical authentication of email sending domains. This includes SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records appropriately configured in the DNS.

If you are the one who is managing domains and web hosting for your clients, I hope you have the required skills to add these records in DNS manager.

I am not going into technical details of all these, but if you are interested, I can make a separate video on this also.

I have earned a good income with this method and make a few permanent clients who offer email marketing services to businesses


Ok, guys, this is my list of 7 real ways of making more while working as a Web Developer.

If you like it, please give me a thumbs up, and if not, you can even thumbs down.

Do you know any other way of earning money while working as a freelance web developer? Write in the comments so others can get benefit from it, and this is the purpose of this video also.

I am Adnan here, signing off. Bye


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