Animated CSS Toggle Menu Icon in Elementor

Table of Contents:

00:00​ – Intro

01:02​ – Source of Inspiration

01:32​ – Setting up Elementor plugin (Free Version)

02:22​ – Create a New Page

03:57​ – Add a Header Section

06:47​ – Bonus Tip (Global Colors in Elementor)

07:59​ – Add a Navigation Menu

12:42​ – Defining CSS Classes on elements

14:28​ – Adding CSS and JQuery for toggle effect

18:01​ – Possible CSS Bug

19:55​ – Making it Mobile Ready.

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In this video, I am going to create a button to show and hide the navigation menu bar.

As you can see on the screen when I am clicking this plus icon, it shows the menu, and the icon is changing to cross. And when clicking again, it is hiding the menu, and the icon is changed back to the plus icon.

So it is a toggle action that is happening on the button. 

And For this, I am going to use simple CSS. 

Today I am going to create the Animated Menu Button to show and hide the header menu. 

And this I am going to do in Elementor. I am going to use the Free version. 


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